Record Purchases

You can record purchases one at a time by selecting the item and the bidder, and then entering the amount.

To record a purchase, open the Record bid, purchase or donation page and make sure the PURCHASE tab is selected. The default when selecting Bidding/Sales is the BID tab when coming from the main Auction Dashboard menu.

Purchase Details

Select the Item

  1. Click in the Item field to activate the drop-down menu.
  2. Start typing the item number or name so that a list of items appears. The item list is automatically filtered by Type: For Sale, making it easier to find the item you want.
  3. Select the item you are entering a purchase for.

Select the Bidder

  1. Click in the Bidder field to activate the drop-down menu.
  2. Start typing the name so that a list of bidders appears.
  3. Select the bidder you are entering a purchase for.

Note that you can quickly access more information about the bidder by clicking the View icon.


Enter the Amount

Enter the Quantity, the Amount and select if the amount is a unit price or total amount.

  • Total Amount Example
    Select total amount to enter the total amount. You can enter a discounted amount if needed. For example, if you offer 1 free ticket with every three $5 tickets purchased, you could enter a quantity of 4 and a total of $15.

  • Unit Price Example
    Select unit price to enter the unit price and let the system calculate the total amount.

Payment section

This section allows you to include a payment with the bid/sale, or just record the bid only.


To just record a bid only, keep the NONE option; otherwise, to record a payment select either the CREDIT CARD tab, or the OTHER tab (or the REGISTERED CARD tab, if available).

Enter payment

When recording a purchase you may also want to record that it has been paid. For example, if you are entering purchases made prior to the event, you may wish to record pre-payment. To enter payment details with a purchase, see Include Payment.


The Actions sidebar menu is very similar to the BID tab sidebar menu.

  • Record Purchase
    When all of the information for the purchase has been entered, click Record Purchase.
    • If the total amount you entered reflects a discount, the system will prompt you to confirm.
      Click Try And Force Bid to accept the override amount.
      If successful, a green message will appear at the top of the window.
  • Enforce All Rules
    Clicking this opens a drop-down selector to choose if/when bid rules are applied.
    • Enforce All Rules (default)
    • Suppress All Rules
    • Suppress Once
  • Clear Page
    Clears all of the current information from the fields on the screen.
  • Checks
    Clicking this will open the "Bidding Checks" window.
  • Pin
    To quickly record multiple bids you can "pin" the item, bidder, or amount.
    See Pinning Fields for more information.
  • Send item won notification
    Enabling this will generate and send a winning bid notification to the bidder.
  • Automatically advance to the next item
    Enabling this will advance to the next item# after recording the transaction.
  • Hide payment options
    Enabling this option will hide the Payment section.




If you are entering many bids at once, using the keyboard shortcuts may save time.

CTRL + S to record bid
CTRL + B to focus on bidder
CTRL + I to focus on item
CTRL + A to focus on amount
CTRL + Q to focus on quantity

Last Updated: 8/16/2019, 2:41:47 PM