Promote or Demote Bids

It is possible to manually promote or demote a specific bid to be a winning bid.

On the Activity tab of the Item Details page there is a menu option next to each bid row.

If the bid is a winning bid then there will be an option to demote the bid so it is no longer winning:


Demoting a winning bid will not promote any other bids. In this case you would be left with 3 non-winning bids:


For a non-winning bid you will have the option to promote it to be the winning bid:


Promoting a bid to be a winning bid will automatically demote any existing winning bid for a single winner item. Multiple winner items will depend on whether the full quantity has been sold yet.

Any proxy bids associated with the current winning bid would also be removed.


The bids will continue to be shown in descending order of amount, so it is possible for a bid that is not the highest to be shown as the winner.

Bid promotion and demotion will be shown in the Audit History tab of the item details page:


Last Updated: 4/11/2019, 2:45:58 PM