Bidder Statements

You can email statements to bidders, optionally with a payment link if credit card processing is enabled, or you can prepare a printed statement to give or mail to the bidder with payment instructions.

On the Bidder Dashboard, select Statements.


Linked Bidders

If two bidders are linked (share the same bidder#) then the bidder statement will also show all the activity from both bidders together.

Statement Options

You can customize common Statement Options that affect all statement types:


  • Include item values: show the item value on the statement as well as the winning bid amount
  • Show tax deductible: the tax deductible amount is calculated based on the item type and the item's Taxable Value.
  • Show bidder #
  • Statement cut-off start time: You can enter a date/time here and the statement will only show activity from after this time. This can be useful to limit the contents of the statement to activity during the event itself and exclude pre-event ticket sales for example.

Payment Options

You can also set Payment Options including the online payment link.

If you have credit card processing enabled and you want to email statements to bidders with a hyperlink that allows them to pay their outstanding balance online by credit card, then select Include payment link.


Email statement with payment link example:


This link is personalized to each bidder and will take them to their online account page. Here a bidder can view their statement details and also pay the outstanding balance by credit card.

Customizing Statements

To further customize and generate statements select the appropriate statement type:

  • Email Statements
  • Print Statements
  • Text Statements


Last Updated: 5/8/2019, 6:30:26 PM