Bidder Invitations

A Bidder Invitation invites someone to register online for the auction event.

You can automatically email invitations to bidders that have email addresses in the system. This will allow them to quickly register online for bidding.


Before sending invitations, be sure that your auction website is ready to go.

On the Bidder Dashboard, select Invite Bidders.


The Bidder Invitations window appears.

Customize Bidder Invitation Content

To edit the invitation text, click the Edit icon.


Edit the header text to include extra information about your event. You should leave the special \{\{ Auction.AuctionLink }} placeholder which will be automatically replaced with a link to your auction website.

Add footer text as necessary.

Select Recipients

Click the Select Recipients tab.

Click the Options icon (3 dots). Use the Choose Bidders functionality to select the recipients of the invitations.


Preview the Invitation

Select the Preview tab.

Review the list of recipients and ensure that it is correct.

Click the Preview icon to preview the invitation.


A popup window will appear showing the invitation that will be sent.

Review the invitation to be sure it's ready to send.


Close the Preview window.

Revise the Invitation

If you need to make more changes to the text, click the Customize tab. If you know html and want to make changes to the code, click Email Editor.


To preview the revised invitation, click Refresh invitation (on the left of the window, under Actions), and then click the Preview tab and a preview icon.


Send the Invitation

Note that the default is to not send duplicate invitations. If you DO want to send another invitation to email addresses that have already been sent an invitation, clear the Do not send duplicates checkbox (under the Send Invitations button).

When the preview and recipient list are correct, click Send Invitations.


A popup window will appear asking you to confirm sending the invitations. Click Continue.


A Sending message will appear, and then a Bidder invitations sent successfully message will flash on the top of the screen.


The invitation sent information will be updated for the selected recipients.


Last Updated: 7/17/2019, 5:38:49 PM