# Assign Seating

Seating can be assigned by clicking on Bidders -> Tables -> Assign Seating


The Seating Assignments window appears.

By default, all tables will be listed. If you have many tables and want to refine the list, use the Show: drop-down menu to refine the group of tables listed.


# Assigning a seat

To assign a bidder to a table, click on a bidder row, drag to an empty table space and drop.


The Bidder will appear at the table and seat that you assigned. You cannot re-shuffle seat numbers at a table. To re-assign a seat you must cancel the seating assignment and drag and drop the bidder to the new assignment.


You can also click on the Seat icon next to a bidder in the Unseated Bidders section:


This will present a dropdown of the tables with available seats of which you can click on to quickly assign a bidder to.

# Changing tables at check-in

Table information is shown on the Check In Bidders page and you can change a table assignment using the menu on the bidder's row:



This will open a dialog allowing you to select the table to move the bidder to.


Last Updated: 11/10/2020, 9:24:12 PM