# Tables and Seating

For in-person events, you can use Auctria to manage tables and seating assignments.

Auctria Video 2016-06-27

On the Bidder Dashboard, click Tables.


The tables window appears.

# Add a table

To add a table, click + Add Table.


The Add Table window appears. Enter the Table# or leave it blank to allow the system to assign a unique number.

Enter a description, the number of people who can be seated at the table, and any notes. No information is mandatory.

Click Save Table.


The Add table window will refresh and reappear so you can quickly add more tables.

If you go back to the Tables window you will see a list of all the tables you have added.

To edit the information for a table, click the Edit icon and make the necessary changes.

To delete a table, click the x.


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Last Updated: 5/19/2021, 9:01:36 PM