# Why Use Bidder Invitations?

# Are Bidders Registered If Copied From Another Event?

If a bidder created a password in any other auction/event (regardless of Organization), the password they created would be used for all auctions/events (regardless of Organization) in Auctria.

# An Overview Of The Bidder Invitation Process

  • Bidder Invitations are sent to bidders with an email address on record;
  • the bidder may, or may not, have a password added to their profile; and,
  • invitations are usually sent to bidders that have been copied over from a previous auction.

The Bidder Invitation email has a click-through button to register on the auction website.


The bidder can click through to the auction website to "register" or they can start bidding.

  • If the bidder does not have a password from a previous auction, they would click on the "Register Now" button to set a password. Any other details they enter will update on their current bidder record (including credit card information).

  • If the bidder already has a password (from a previous auction) they do not need to do anything and can "sign in" to the event. Clicking on the "Register" button will still step them through the registration process. This is done so you can ask for any new information (for example, meal choices, etc.) relevant to the current event.

  • If the bidder uses the "Register Now" button and enter an email that has a password, a notification the emails exists will be displayed and they will be prompted for their password in the next step.


If the bidder does not remember their password, they can click "reset password" link to start the process of setting a new password.


Last Updated: 8/23/2019, 2:58:51 PM