# Turn Off Bidder Numbers?

Auctria requires that all bidders always have a bidder#.

However, sometimes you want to assign bidder#'s at check-in in the order bidders arrive so you can handle out paddles in order such as 1, 2, 3, ...

To accommodate this in the system, you can assign bidders starting at a high number (e.g.: 10,000) prior to the auction/event starting and then re-assign bidder numbers during check-in.

This lets you quickly see which bidders have checked in as well.

If you have already got bidders in the system then the first step is to renumber them to be high. Click on Bidders -> Numbering and enter 10000 as the first number, and select Number under Sort first by then click on Renumber Bidders


Then click on Auction in the side menu and adjust the Next assigned bidder# setting to be 10000 (it doesn't matter if this is taken -- the system will search for a blank spot)


Now as you add bidders, or they register online they will get a high number.

During check-in use the page under Bidders -> Check-in to update bidder information (including bidder#), register credit cards and add new bidders.

You can change the bidder# by clicking on number, entering the new number and clicking the check mark icon:


Last Updated: 11/10/2020, 9:34:56 PM