# Requiring Guests To Register Credit Cards?


This F.A.Q. is relevant for the Old Website Editor only.

If credit card processing is enabled, the site can register credit card information for bidders but it is not required by default.

The credit card numbers are saved securely with your payment processor and a token is saved within Auctria.

If Bidder statements are emailed, the email includes a Payment link where the bidders can enter (or change) their credit card information so credit cards do not have to be registered. If you would like to do "batch processing" on outstanding balances, credit card numbers must be registered.

  1. From the auction dashboard - under Website -> Online Bidding -> Require Registered Card to Bid
  • Require Registered Card to Bid = "yes", to require credit card.

(The default setting is "no card is required").

  1. On the website - Purchase/Registration element Settings -> Optional Steps - set "Do not allow bidders to skip the register credit card step" = "ON"


Last Updated: 11/10/2020, 9:34:56 PM