Link vs Merge Bidder


The Linking Bidders functionality requires all bidders have Bidder Numbers assigned as it is the key index used to link the bidders in Auctria.

The Link Bidders function is intended to connect two bidders, often time as a "couple". It will change the bidder# of the second bidder to be the same as the first bidder. Each bidder will continue to have an individual record that contains their unique information such as their email address, telephone numbers, etc.

Merge Bidders

The Merge Bidders function is designed to collapse two bidder records into a single bidder record. The first bidder record will be kept while the second bidder record will be deleted. If there is conflicting information in a field (for example, address) only one result will be kept. The bidder activity from each record will be combined to the one record. This function is often used when two bidders records are created for the same guest.

Merge Bidders and Link Bidders are available under the Bidder Details page.


Reviewed: January 2023