Check in Bidders

At in-person events, you can use Auctria to check bidders in as they arrive.

On the Bidder Dashboard, click Check-in Bidders.


The Check-in window appears.

Enter details such as last name or a ticket number to find the bidder you want to check in.

Select the bidders that you want to check in.

Click Check-in Selected Bidders.


The bidder(s) will show as being checked in


Add Bidder

If the bidder has not yet been entered in the system, click Add Bidder to quickly add the bidder.


You can check the bidder in as you register the bidder.


Click Save Bidder.

Edit Bidder Details

If you want to edit bidder information at check-in or check the table assignment or address, click the Quick Actions icon (3 dots) and then select Edit Bidder.

Note that you can also delete a bidder and view bidder details from quick actions. If you select view details, you will open the Bidder window for that bidder.


If you selected Edit Bidder, a popup window will appear that allows you to edit Bidder details.

Make the necessary changes and then click Save.


Last Updated: 7/17/2019, 5:50:56 PM