Configuring Bidder Registration

To configure Bidder Registration for your auction, click on Website and then click the Bidder Registration link under options:


Registration Time Frame

In the Bidder Registration section, you can see the current status of this feature. If this is a new auction, then the status will be No; click the link and choose Yes to enable Bidder Registration.


When bidder registration is allowed, you can specify a time frame for bidder registration to be available.

Leave registration times blank if you don't want to specify or require a start/end time.


The time for Bidder Registration is different from the Online Bidding time frame.


The time period specified here affects all bidder registration and purchases on the website.

You can also override the time of specific purchase elements using the settings for that element.

For items that should only be sold at specific times you can also use the override online bidding start & end time fields on those items to control when they are shown.

Registration Options


Credit Cards:

Several options are available for saving bidder credit card information with your auction data. If you have a credit card processing enabled for your account, then you can specify either of the Yes options below to save credit card data.

Meal Choices

Enter the list of meal choices to present bidders if they have bought tickets through the website.

See Meal Choices for more details.

Who Can Register


There are two means of restricting who can function as a bidder in the auction. You can ensure that all bidders get pre-approval and also restrict the internet domains for the bidders.

Pre-approval: The default setting here is No. This means that a bidder may register even if there is no existing bidder record for the auction. If set to Yes, enabling the pre-approval restriction, then bidders must get pre-approval (ie. their bidder record must already exist in the system). When the bidder registers, a bidder record must pre-exist that matches the bidder email address. This requires that you pre-populate the auction with details on any bidder that is allowed to register. To enable bidder for pre-approval, click the 'check box'.

Limit by Internet domain name: You can also restrict bidder registration to email addresses that come from specific domains. To add a list of domains, that will be considered restricted, simply click the Empty link and enter one or more domains as a comma-separated list. It's important to enter only the domain name, for example,

If this setting is left as Empty, then a bidder can register with any email address.



You can choose to send notifications when a bidder completes a registration.

Select Yes to 'Send bidder#' in email if you want each registrant to receive their bidder number ahead of time.

If you don't want the organization to receive notifications regarding each bidder registration, then choose No for Notify organization of bidder activity.

Last Updated: 5/8/2019, 6:30:26 PM