# Bidder Reference (hidden)

This page details the fields associated with bidders.


First Name The bidder's first name
Last Name The bidder's last name
Additional Bidders Names of anyone else bidding under this bidder#. Informational only. See Bidder Concepts for more details
Guest of Select the name of another bidder who invited this bidder. Filled in automatically if this is a guest created by a ticket purchase


Contact Information
Email Email address
Phone Number Bidder's phone number
Cell phone number Bidder's cell phone if different. Cell phone will be used preferentially for texting


Mailing Address Fields used to specify the address


Company If the bidder is representing a company, you can enter the company name
Reference A reference number you can use as needed. If you are importing bidders from another system this can track their bidder id
Seating Preference Seating preference specified by the bidder during registration. This is just a text box. There isn't a way to allow them to chose a specific table/seat
Meal Choice The meal that the bidder has chosen.


Checked in? Purely information field to indicate that the bidder has checked in. See Check In Bidders for more information.
Exempt from Sales tax *If set to 'Yes' then the bidder will not be charged sales tax if it is configured.


Notes are extra information you want to store about the bidder. The bidder notes are never shown publicly to the bidder.

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