# Bidder Invitations

A Bidder Invitation invites someone to register online for the auction event.


Before sending out Bidder Invitations ensure Bidder Registration is enabled for online registration and you have created an auction website.

You can automatically email invitations to bidders that have email addresses in the system. This will allow them to quickly register online for bidding. On the Bidder Dashboard, select Invite Bidders.


The Bidder Invitations window appears.



For events prior to January 2020 please see Bidder Invitations 2019 for more details and instructions.

# Information

The Information section provides a summary of the potential recipients of the Bidder Invitations including a link to the auction website the invitation is linked to.

There may also be information about the following:

  • number of bidders with valid email addresses.
  • number of bidder that will not receive an invitation... and why.


Bidders that share a bidder# and email address will only receive a single invitation.

# Settings

There is a toggle option to "Skip bidders that have already received an email invitation for this event." This is enabled by default.

# Recipients

Click the Options icon (3 dots) to use the Choose Bidders functionality to make your selection.


# Preview

Click the preview (eye) icon to preview the individual invitation.


A popup window will appear showing the invitation that will be sent.


# Actions

# Send Invitations

Clicking the Send Invitations Action will send out Bitter Invitations based on the criteria you have set. A "Success" message banner will appear at the top of the screen.


The "Recipients" list will also be updated with the date the Bidder Invitation was sent.


In order to mitigate potential spam abuse, "Lite" accounts are blocked from sending Bidder Invitations at this time.

# Edit Invitation Email

If you need to make changes to the Invitation Email, click the Edit Invitation Email Actions link in the sidebar. This will open the Email Editor 2019 pre-populated with the Bidder Invitation template content.


# Preview Invitation Email

Using the Preview Invitation Email Action will show a preview of the Bidder Invitation filled with generic example content.

# Reset Invitation Email

The Reset Invitation Email Action will set the Bidder Invitation back to its default elements removing any changes you may have made to customize your "Bidder Invitation". A confirmation pop-up will request you click "Continue" to perform the reset.


Last Updated: 4/8/2020, 4:45:17 PM