Copy Bidders

You can copy bidders from one event to another to save re-entering all the details.

Switch to the auction with the bidders in it. See Change Auctions for details on selecting the auction you want to copy bidders from.


The Copy Bidders feature is push based: you select the source auction and push the bidders to a new auction.

If you create a new event and go to the Copy Bidders page it will be empty since there are no bidders in the event yet.

In the source auction, click Bidders and then Copy Bidders.


The Copy Bidders page lets you select the target auction and the bidders to copy.

Choose the target auction from the drop down lost.

Choose the bidders to copy by clicking the menu icon (3 dots) and using the Choosing Bidders

When you have refined the list of Bidders to copy, decide if you will also copy the registered credit cards. If not, clear the Include registered cards checkbox.

Click Copy Bidders.


A popup window will appear asking you to confirm the number of bidders that will be copied. Click Continue.

Last Updated: 12/3/2018, 11:08:03 PM