# Auction Details

The Auction Details page lets you modify the information about the event.


# Summary

# Auction

  • Auction Name
    The name of the Auction/Event itself.
  • Event Date
    Enter the date the event is taking place. If there isn't a single day then use the start date.
  • Archive Date
    Enter the date after which this event will no longer be visible online to bidders (you can still see it though).
  • Fundraising Target
    Amount of money you hope to raise in this event.


If you have multiple auctions in the same organization, the system will display the Auction Dashboard based on the date defined on the auctions' SUMMARY tabs. For example, an event in the last week is shown if there is one, otherwise the next upcoming event is shown.

# Notes

This section can be used for making notes about the auction/event and are not publicly visible.

# Advanced Options

The following Advanced Options are available:

  • Next assigned item#
    The system will attempt to use this number as the number item#.
  • Item# template
    Template used to format item numbers. Leave blank for default.
  • Next assigned bidder#
    The system will attempt to use this number as the number bidder#
  • Bidder# template
    Template used to format bidder numbers. Leave blank for default.

These two settings (item# and template) let you change the number that will be assigned automatically next time an item, or bidder, is created without a number being provided. You can adjust these if you have renumbered the items/bidders or, for example, if you want bidders registering online to receive a high number. You do not have to guarantee that the number you specify is "free", if it is taken the system will keep looking for a new number.

You can use these two settings to influence the style of item and bidder numbers assigned. The syntax of the template should include { { n } } (without spaces) in the place you want the number to appear. For example, to allocate all bidder numbers as Bnnn use the template:


There are a couple of formatting filters you can apply. To pad all item (or bidder) numbers to 3 digits with leading zeros use:

{{n | pad3}}

This will create bidder numbers 001, 002, 003, etc. There are also filters for pad4, pad5 and pad6 to pad to those lengths.

You can adjust the item#, or bidder#, increment value (from the default of 1) to your preferred value with the following:

{{n | times:10}}

The numbers would then be allocated as 10, 20, 30, ...

# Images


An Auction Logo can be uploaded for the specific auction/event, otherwise the Organization's Logo will be used if it has been uploaded. See Add Auction Logo for more information.

# Placeholder Image

A Placeholder Image can be uploaded for where an image is used on the website, and can be shown on forms, when no item image is available.

# Permissions


# Auction Permissions

To add new Auction Permissions, or Users, click on the + icon to open the Add Auction Permissions window.


Use this dialog to add permissions to this auction for existing users. If a "new" user is required, see Adding Users for more information.

# Default Permissions

The Default Permissions section lists the current users and their User Permissions level in the auction/event.

See Auction Permissions for more information.

# History

The HISTORY tab provides a transactional history of the auction/event for reference purposes.

# Audit History


# Auction Details Sidebar Menu

# Actions

  • All Auctions links to the All Auctions page. See Access All Auctions for more details.
  • Add New Auction links to the Auctions | Add Auction page. See Add New Auction for more information.
  • Copy Auction links to the Copy Auction page. See Copy Auction for more information.
  • Upload New Image - Opens the "Choose files" window to add an image to the Auction.
  • Refresh Auction - Refreshes the auction in the browser window (convenient if multiple users are working in similar areas of the dashboards).
  • Delete Auction - Opens the "Delete auction?" confirmation window.

# Website

  • Online Bidding links to the Online Bidding page. See Online Bidding for more information.
  • Bidder Registration links to the Bidder Registration page. See Bidder Registration/Checkout for more information.

# Shortcuts

  • CTRL + R to refresh auction
  • CTRL + D to delete auction

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