Auction Details

To access the auction details click on the Auction link in the menu


The auction details page lets you modify the information about the event:


Advanced Options

The following advanced options are available:

  • Next assigned item#

  • Next assigned bidder#

    • These two settings let you change the number that will be assigned automatically next time an item or bidder is created without a number being provided. You can adjust these if you have renumbered the items/bidders, or for example if you want bidders registering online to receive a high number. You do not have to guarantee that the number you specify is free, if it is taken the system will keep looking for a new number
  • Item# template

  • Bidder# template

    • You can use these two settings to influence the style of item & bidder numbers assigned. The syntax of the template should include a in the place you want the number to appear. For example to allocate all bidder numbers as Bnnn use the template:


      There are a couple of formatting filters you can apply. To pad all item (or bidder) numbers to 3 digits with leading zeros use:

      {{n | pad3}}

      There are also filters for pad4, pad5 and pad6 to pad to those lengths

Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM