# Archive Auction

You can set a date for when an auction will be archived.

An archived event is still visible to you from the dashboard but will be hidden online from bidders both on the web site, and when using the mobile app. Any website links associated with an archived event will return a "missing event" error page.


To set an archive date, click on the Auction link in the main Auction Dashboard menu and set the Archive Date in the SUMMARY tab.


You can set the archive date to be in the past, or future, and once that date is reached the event will be considered archived.

When viewing the dashboard of an archived event, there will be an Auction Archived message shown.



The Archive Auction logic has a requirement online bidding be finished at least one month prior to the date set (to prevent accidentally archiving active events).

Last Updated: 10/28/2020, 2:12:40 PM