# How To Manually Record Sponsorships (new)

There are basically three ways to Manually Record Sponsorships in Auctria.

You can Sell Tickets to the sponsor that are designated as Sponsorship items; you can Sell For Sales Items that has been designated as Sponsorship items; or, you can Add A Donation and set its type as a Sponsorship.

# Sell Sponsorship Tickets

When using Tickets, it is required to use the Sell Tickets function to record purchases of the Sponsorship Ticket item. This will generate the appropriate number of bidder records associated with the Sponsorship.

Remember, Sponsorship Tickets require a value be set for the "Admission Tickets Included" and the "Is sponsorship" option be enabled.

# Sell For Sales Items As Sponsorships

Although a Ticket item is a special configuration for For Sale Items, when you sell non-ticket For Sale Items as Sponsorships, and you are recording them manually, you would use the Record Purchases function.

Remember, For Sale Item Sponsorships require the "Is sponsorship" option be enabled.

Mixing and matching items is quite common, especially on "Tickets" pages. If you are not selling Sponsorship tickets but do have other Tickets available for your guests you might consider enabling the Show in default web purchase element option so the Sponsorships are available where the general "admission" tickets are being purchased.

# Add A Donor Donation As A Sponsorship

To manually record a Donation and have it recognized as a Sponsorship requires the use of the Add A Donor Donation function and setting the Donation Type to "Sponsorship".

Using the Record Donations function requires both a Donation Item and a Bidder be used, using the Add A Donor Donation function does not.


An example of a manually entered donation as sponsorship.

The description you use for the Add A Donor Donation As A Sponsorship approach will be used in the Sponsors Catalog as its "title" and the pledge Value will be used for its placement in the display hierarchy.

Last Updated: 1/21/2021, 7:13:41 PM