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Proxy Bidding Rules

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.


Please see  ∞ Maximum Bidding Rules for more information on the replacement feature set.

The following rules apply to Proxy Bidding:

  • Proxy Bids can only be placed on Online Items types.

  • Proxy Bids cannot be used with Live Items or Silent Items.

  • Proxy Bids cannot be applied outside of the Online Bidding Times that have been set for the event.

  • Proxy Bids cannot be used when the Allow Multiple Winners option is enabled for the item.

  • Proxy Bids cannot be reduced once placed.

  • Proxy Bids can be raised. For example, if a bidder has a Proxy Bid in place for $1,000 and they place another bid for $1,200, the actual winning bid will not change but their Proxy Bid will be raised to $1,200.

  • Proxy Bids can be placed on Buy It Now Only Items as long as the bid is less than the Buy-It-Now price. Please note, another bidder can still bid the Buy-It-Now value to win the item.

  • Bids placed at just above an existing Proxy Bid may fail even though the new winning bid is less than your bid. This can happen if the bid value lands in the gap between the Proxy Bid and the next bid point (for example, the dollar amount placed between the Proxy Bid and the minimum bid increment).

  • Any bid over a Proxy Bid will become a winning bid as long as the amount is at least one Bid Increment over the previously visible bid (and for multiples it must be a multiple over the previous bid). The new bid will show as one bid increment over the previous (proxy) bid if it can.

    • If it cannot be increased to the full bid increment (for example, due to a Buy It Now value set) the bid will be maxed out.
  • Proxy Bids are still applied if the Record Bid function is used on an Online Items with an existing Proxy Bid.

  • When bidding, if the Place as a proxy bid? checkbox is cleared, the bid will be placed immediately for its full value. If there is an existing Proxy Bid it would be applied afterward.

  • Proxy Bidding is available when using catalog bidding in Kiosk Mode, however the What am I winning option does not show "Proxy bids" in Kiosk Mode.

IMPORTANT -- When A Reserve Price Is Set

When an item has a Reserved Price set, a Proxy Bid will be increased until it reaches, or exceeds due to bid increments, the "Reserved Price" value. If the Reserve Price value is not met, the Proxy Bid will be used to set the Current Bid for the item.

Text Based Bidding

If Text based bidding is available for bidders to use, bids placed by text will follow the auction's Proxy Bidding settings by default. See Bidding Behavior for more details on this.

With Proxy Bidding enabled, all text bids will be considered as Proxy Bids, or Maximum Bids.


An item has no current bid, a Starting Bid of $10, and a Bid Increment of $10. A Text bid of $40 will set the current bid to $10 and will be increased, following the Proxy Bidding Rules, to $40 as needed.

Reviewed: January 2023