# Proxy Bidding Rules

The following rules apply to Proxy Bidding:

  • Proxy Bids can only be placed for Online Items.

  • Proxy Bids are not available for multiple-winner items.

  • Proxy Bids are not available for Live Items or Silent Items auction pre-bidding. The system would not be able to apply the Proxy Bid during the non-online portion of the Auction.

  • You can not lower a Proxy Bid once it is placed.

  • You can raise your own Proxy Bid. For example, if you have a Proxy Bid in place for $1,000 and place another bid for $1,200, the actual winning bid will not change but your Proxy Bid will be raised to $1,200.

  • If an item has a Buy-It-Now price then you can only place a Proxy Bid for less than the Buy-It-Now price. Someone can still use the Buy-It-Now method to win the item.

  • If you bid just above a Proxy Bid value, your bid may fail even though the new winning bid is less than your bid. This happens if you land in the gap between the Proxy Bid and the next bid point (for example, the dollar amount placed between the Proxy Bid and the minimum bid increment).

  • Bids placed on Online Items by an Auction Organizer through the back-end application are still subject to be out-bid by Proxy Bids.

  • If you clear the automatic proxy bid checkbox, your bid will be placed immediately for full value of the bid (but could still be outbid by another bidder's Proxy Bid).

  • Proxy Bidding is available when using catalog bidding in Kiosk Mode, however the What am I winning option does not show "Proxy bids" in Kiosk Mode.

  • If Text based bidding is used, bids placed by text will follow the auction's Proxy Bidding setting by default.

  • If an item has a Reserved Price, the Proxy Bid will be increased until it reaches the "Reserved Price" value.

Last Updated: 9/5/2019, 3:28:27 PM