# Online Dessert Dash


Dessert Dash: A "Dessert Dash" is an in-person event fun way to help increase your fundraiser income. You will need a table full of desserts (one for each table of guests). The desserts are displayed for your guests to choose from; and, at the guest tables, each guest writes down the amount they want to contribute to the collective table bid. The table with the greatest bid wins first choice. The next highest table bid would chose second and so on.

Although Dessert Dashes are generally considered a favorite in-person auction event "game" that helps to generate higher fundraising amounts moving to an "Online" Dessert Dash does change how it would be handled in Auctria.

  1. Create a Dessert Dash item as an Online Item.
  2. Get a high-quality image of each dessert and make certain to add them to the item (see Batch Image Upload) and provide descriptions to detail what the desserts are — bidders will want to see what they are bidding on so be extra descriptive with lots of imagery especially the scents.
  3. Set the Quantity Available ( X ) to the number of desserts that will be showcased for the dash.
  4. Allow Multiple Winners for the Dessert Dash item — this allows the top X bidders to win a dessert.
  5. Once the auction item closes, you will be able to see the top bidders that won a "dash" to the dessert "table".

From this point you will need to hear back from the winning bidders as they would have received an "Item Won Notification" (this is not configurable).

This will be a manual process that may simulate the “dash” although you may need to set some “rules” on how best to handle what time you receive a response back from the bidders.

These "rules" would then translate into the order the dasher / bidder could pick their dessert. This may require a separate communication and response from the bidder. Although it may be much easier to have a Dessert Dash in-person for a number of reasons, this is still something you can do.

Just remember with some preparation to establish (and post) the "rules" for the Online Dessert Dash, which will help to make things run more smoothly, you can have a successful Dessert Dash event online using Auctria.

# Live Online Dessert Dash

This would essentially follow the same approach as an Online Dessert Dash with the exception of the bidders seeing their bids updated live on the auction website and the auctioneer would be able to entice bidders and increase the funds raised through the live stream of the auction, too.

The live streaming could also allow for the "dash" part by providing a forum for the auctioneer to call on the winning bidders to make their choice at appropriate intervals after the Dessert Dash item has closed.

Of course, delivery of the desserts will need to be sorted out and would likely be taken care of after the event.

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