# Bidder Access Tokens


For information on Bidder Access Tokens in websites created with the Old Website Editor before January 2020, please see Bidder Access Tokens 2019 for more details.

A Bidder Access Token is a link in an email (or text) that allows the bidder to access the auction web site and bid without having to sign in or even set up a password. Using Bidder Access Tokens can make getting your bidders online much smoother.

A Bidder Access Token can be sent from several places including the "Send Access Tokens" page. They can also be sent directly to a bidder from the check-in page or at sign up.

# Sending Bidder Access Tokens

Bidder access tokens can be sent to groups of bidders.


Select the recipients to be included by clicking on the Options menu (3 vertical dots).


The bidder will receive a simple email similar to the one below.


They can click on the embedded link to be taken to the auction web site as that bidder.


If the optional Text Messages features set is enabled for the auction/event, the bidder will also receive a text message if they have a mobile telephone number in their bidder details.

# Sending Bidder Access Tokens From Check-In

A bidder access token can be sent directly from the bidder check-in page.


On the bidder check-in page, locate the bidder(s) you want by searching for their name or bidder#, and then select the bidders to send a bidder access token to. Click the Send Access Token button.

# Bidder Access Tokens Via Text

If you have enabled the Text Messages feature, a bidder can text the word web to the auction phone number and the system will respond with a text message that contains a link that will sign them into the web site as the bidder they are registered as using that mobile telephone number.

# Copy and Paste Access Code

You can use the "copy" icon to just copy the Access Code alone from the Bidder Details screen and share this piece of data only.


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