# Selling Items (updated)

# For Sale Items Versus Buy It Now Only Items

When Selling Items in Auctria there are essentially two ways to set up items. You can use the For Sale Items approach or you can use Buy It Now Only Items approach.

For example, For Sale Items are used for Tickets in Auctria because they often require immediate payment, or assurances of payment, by the purchaser while Buy It Now Only Items will go "on account" for the bidder (aka purchaser) to be paid for at a later time -- generally during Checkout or via an online payment link from a Won Item Notification.

Item Concept For Sale Item Buy It Now Item
Bidder Registration Not required first Required first
Tickets Admission to the in-person event Admission to another event, venue, etc. (not the in-person event)
Bidder Statements Displays under Purchases Displays under Won Items
Sponsorships Sold prior to event See Donation Items for during event
Raffle Tickets To sell with Tickets To sell during event / via mobile app
Online Payments Immediate payment required Item "winning bid" value added to bidder balance, immediate payment may not be required

Both For Sale Items and Buy It Now Items have the ability to limit quantity by setting a value for the Availability Quantity field (blank or 0 would be unlimited).

For Sale Items are not displayed in the website Item Catalog by default whereas Buy It Now Only Items will appear in the Item Catalog as they are created as Silent Items, Live Items, or Online Items.

# Export Individual Sales (new)

As a special case, For Sale Items have an additional Activity related option under Exporting & Printing (in the sidebar) that allows you to Export Individual Sales for the specific item as an XLS formatted file.


Clicking the button will immediately start the process and download the file in your browser.

Using the Export Individual Sales on a Raffle Ticket item will provide you with a list of buyers of that item. This list might be further reviewed and could potentially be used in a raffle "drawing" external to Auctria.

Last Updated: 10/2/2020, 2:43:46 PM