# Run A Raffle (updated)

To Run A Raffle, two items are needed:

The terminology for "tickets" may be a bit confusing. The Tickets section available found on the main Auction Dashboard is for event admission tickets only. See Tickets for more details.

Raffle "tickets" are set up as For Sale Items although the system does not identify them as "tickets". In particular, the Admission Tickets Included field on items associated with "raffle tickets" should be left blank.

Please note, when you Run A Raffle using Auctria you will still need to have a method to actually assign raffle ticket numbers and pick the winner as this is not available within Auctria. Auctria provides the means to sell "lots" that represent the "raffle tickets" only.

# Raffle Tickets

You will need to create at least one item set up as a Raffle Ticket using the following criteria:

  • Item type set to For Sale Items
  • Value set to the price of the ticket
  • Admission Tickets Included is left blank (or set to 0).
  • If you need to collect Sales Tax you can set the Sales Tax category.
  • Optionally, you can assign an Item# to indicate the item's purpose, such as RAFFLE.


You can then record sales of your raffle tickets to bidders, see Record Purchases for more details.

If you are selling raffle tickets in bundles, for example a single ticket for $5 and 5 tickets for $20, then you'll need to create two For Sale items: one with a value of $5 and one that is a basket of 5 tickets and has a value of $20. See Combine For Sale Items for more information.

# Selling Raffle Tickets

Although For Sale Items (like "raffle tickets") can be displayed in an Item Catalog element they should still be offered on a Purchase style page (such as one used for Tickets).

This being the case, there are still a few options to sell Raffle Tickets.

  1. The Raffle Ticket can be sold on a Tickets page. See Item Catalog configured to use the Items marked 'Show in default web purchase element' condition. For more details on adding Raffle Tickets this was see Configure Items Displayed.

  2. A separate Raffle Tickets page can be created to only display the "Raffle Ticket" items. You can put a button on the home page and/or have a menu item linking to that page (see Configure Menu Entries for more details) where you will be using an Item Catalog element. In most cases, it will be easiest to use Tags on the Raffle Ticket items and then set the Item Catalog condition to use Items matching tags for this approach.

  3. The only way to buy something through the Auction Catalog (see Item Catalog) is to make these items Buy It Now Only Items. Bidders could "buy" the item although it would be put on their account like a won item. The bidders would not need to pay for the item immediately and their accounts would be shown as having a balance. This is not usually how Raffle Tickets are sold, most auctions keep them as For Sale Items that are paid for immediately.

Now, you could set up Raffle Tickets as Buy It Now Only Items, and (currently) if you want them to appear in the "Mobile App" this is the only way to do so. Also, since these "Raffle Tickets" would appear as won items, having "ticket" in the item title is also a good idea for reference purposes.

See also How To Sell Raffle Tickets In The Mobile App.

The downside, for the website, is bidders would need to register first before buying the "Raffle Tickets" (including confirming their email address) rather than just being able to buy these tickets in a single transaction that a For Sale Items approach would provide.

# Export Individual Sales (new)

As a special case, For Sale Items have an additional Activity related option under Exporting & Printing (in the sidebar) that allows you to Export Individual Sales for the specific item as an XLS formatted file.


Clicking the button will immediately start the process and download the file in your browser.

Using the Export Individual Sales on a Raffle Ticket item will provide you with a list of buyers of that item. This list might be further reviewed and could potentially be used in a raffle "drawing" external to Auctria.

# Prizes

Tracking the raffle prizes within Auctria is optional, since the awarding a raffle prize don't affect how much bidders owe or the income you raise. But by entering the winning prizes, they will appear on bidder's statements.

Create each prize item with:

  1. Item type set to Raffle Item; and,
  2. Value (optional).

You can record the prizes a bidder has won using the Bid tab of the Record Bid page, just leave the amount blank. You will need to enter the Bidder# and Item#. There is no dollar amount used when awarding a raffle prize.

# Video: Website Editor Add Raffle Tickets Page

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