For Sale Items

For Sale Items represent items that are sold for a fixed price, and typically to multiple people.

They are used for auction or raffle tickets where the bidder thinks of buying the item rather than winning it.

  • For sale items that bidders purchase will be shown in the Purchases section of the bidder's statement

  • For sale items can have a limit quantity set

  • Bid sheets can be generated if the 'Print Bid Sheet' option is set. In this case the bid sheet will be shown as a sign up sheet (fixed price)

  • Items can be shown in the 'for sale' section of the auction catalog, but aren't included by default.

See Run a Raffle for more information about setting up raffle items.

See Baskets and Packages for information about combining For Sale Items.


Bid Sheets As Sign Up Sheets


For Sale Items On A Bidder Statement


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