# For Sale Items (updated)

For Sale Items represent items that are sold for a fixed price. These items are also often "sold" to multiple people. For Sale Items are used, for example, when selling auction Tickets, or "raffle tickets" as well as items where the bidder thinks of buying the item rather than winning it.

See Run A Raffle for more information about setting up raffle ticket items.


For Sale Items are not displayed by default in the Item Catalog element. See Configure Items Displayed for more information on how to add them to an existing Item Catalog.

For Sale Items purchases will be shown in the Other purchases section of the Bidder Statements.


For Sale Items can have a Quantity set to limit the number available. Setting the value to 0 (or leaving it blank) will make the supply unlimited whereas setting a value greater than zero will set a hard-cap on the number that can be sold. This is set on the Item Details Summary tab.


If someone adds a For Sale Item to their cart but then doesn't checkout for several days, it is possible someone else could have bought the item in the mean time. In this case, they will get an error when they try to checkout.

With a Buy It Now Only item the Bidder would be committing to the item immediately. See Buy It Now Only Items for more details on this item configuration.

Last Updated: 6/30/2020, 1:49:05 PM