Item Types

Item Types are pre-set by Auctria with specific functionality assigned to each type.

Each item is assigned a type, which can be changed at any time via the Item Details page.

The following types are available:

  • Silent Items: sold via a paper bid sheet at your event.
  • Live Items: included in a live auction, there is no bid sheet produced.
  • Online Items: sold fully online via the website, mobile app or text based bidding.
  • Partial Items: items that have been donated but which are not being sold on their own, but will be included as part of a basket item.
  • For Sale Items: items that you are selling for a fixed price and may have a limited quantity available for purchase. Most commonly used **For Sale Items** are auction tickets, etc.
  • Donation Items: projects that bidders can donate to but which they don't actually win.
  • Raffle Prize Items: prizes for a raffle or similar event that are awarded to a bidder without a cost.

Examples of Items

The following examples show how to create items for different scenarios.

Items for a silent type auction at a traditional gala event which can be bid online beforehand.

The item should be created with a type of silent but allow for a Pre-bidding option. For more details see Online Pre-bidding vs Online Bidding.

A handful of cosmetic items that were donated separately but will be sold together as a "basket."

Here you need:

  • A single item that represents the basket of items that is being sold. The auction type for this item will be live, silent or online depending on how you are selling the basket.
  • You will want to track one item per donation with a type of partial. Each of these items can have its own donor and value.

By default, the basket item will calculate its value from the partial items that are assigned to it. You can learn more about how to set this up in Baskets and Packages.

A raffle where tickets are sold one ticket for $5 or four tickets for $15, with multiple prizes attached.

In this case, you would use two for sale items to represent the tickets:

  1. An item for a single ticket, with a For Sale type and a value of $5. You can assign a meaningful item number value such as RAFFLE to help identify the item.
  2. An item for a pack of 4 tickets, with a For Sale type and a value of $15. You could give this an item number value such as RAFFLE4 to help identify the item.
  3. One item per prize with an item type of Raffle. The value can optionally be set to the item's actual value.

For more information see Run a Raffle.

A dinner party that will be included in a silent auction but which 12 people can attend.

This case be be handled in a couple of ways, depending on how you want to work the bidding.

If bidders are able to place their bids on the bid sheet, then you can create this as a normal silent auction item and check the Allow multiple winners field.

If you are selling the seats at a fixed price, then you can either create it as a silent auction item and set the Buy-It-Now price to equal the starting bid, or you can create it as a For sale item.

See Allow Multiple Quantities and Allow Multiple Winners for more information.

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