# Buy It Now Only Items

Any Silent Items, Live Items, or Online Items can be set up as a "fixed" price item by making it a Buy It Now Only item.

Buy It Now Only items are most commonly used for items you want to sell multiple of, for example, a dinner party. They are configured as follows:

  • Buy-It-Now Price and Starting Bid are set to the same value;
  • Allow multiple winners set to yes; and,
  • Quantity set to the number available or blank (the same as 0) for unlimited.

# Bid Sheet

For a silent auction item, the bid sheet will be generated as a 'sign up' sheet showing the number of rows to match the quantity available and each having the fixed price printed on each row.

# Online Bidding

On the website, or mobile app, bidders will have a "buy-it-now" button rather than a "bid" button and can choose to purchase multiples in a single transaction.

The Buy-It-Now price acts as a maximum bid for items online. If a bid is placed that is higher than the Buy-It-Now price the system will cap the bid at the Buy-It-Now price of the item.

Buy It Now buttons only appear for logged-in bidders registered for the event and after Online Bidding has started.

# Item Closing

A single winner item is closed as soon as someone clicks on the "buy-it-now" button. With a buy-it-now item that supports multiple winners, the item will not be closed until the end of the auction or the last one is sold. However, buy-it-now bids will still appear as final bids in the bidder's account immediately even though the item is still open.

# Example: Premiere Movie Night

As an example, your Premiere Movie Night item allows 6 winners at a fixed price of $15. Using the following will accomplish this:

  • Starting Bid = $15
  • Buy It Now Price = $15
  • Quantity = 6
  • Allow multiple winners = Yes (enabled)


The Buy It Now Price is the maximum bid value accepted for an item, if a bidder enters a higher value the bid will be reduced to the Buy It Now Price and the bidder will be acknowledged as having the winning bid.

Last Updated: 4/1/2021, 2:37:30 PM