# Auctria And Payment Processors (new)

# Auctria And Stripe

Stripe.com (opens new window) is a tier-1 Payment Processor that handles all functions for secure transmission and storage of credit card information. Although the credit card information is entered in Auctria, no credit card payments or transfer of funds are processed by Auctria. All credit card payment processing flows through your Stripe account.

If you don't already have a Stripe account, it only takes a few minutes to complete the sign-up process online at Stripe.com (opens new window). To fully establish a link with Stripe, you will need to input your bank account information to allocate where to deposit the funds. After completing the Stripe setup, you will be able to connect Auctria to your Stripe account so you can process credit card payments for your Auctria auction charges.

Stripe handles all credit card payment funds. Auctria is not a part of the financial transaction with your bank. After settlement, and transit time (about 2-5 business days after the payment date), Stripe will transfer the funds to your bank account minus the credit card processing fees. See Credit Card Costs for more details on the fees involved.

# Auctria And Authorize.Net

An Authorize.Net (opens new window) account can be set up as a gateway to a wide variety of existing merchant accounts. If you have an existing merchant account, you can ask them if they support Authorize.Net. Please be aware, there are fees associated with a gateway account like this.

When using Authorize.Net as a gateway account, the charge is processed by your existing merchant account. You would pay the fees that apply to those transactions (we do not know, and have no control over, what those fees are). See Credit Card Costs for more information.

# Other Payment Processors

If you have an account with another payment processor like Square or PayPal, these can not be connected to Auctria although you can use them at Checkout if you enter the payment details directly into their app(s).

The payments would be recorded in Auctria via the Checkout page in the same way as a cash, or check, payment is handled. See Checkout Payment Options for information on adding "Other" payment methods.

Also see these Credit Cards Questions for more details:

# Auctria And Credit Card Readers

Auctria provides support for some USB Credit Card Readers allowing for faster, more accurate data entry of credit card numbers (only). These devices are generally not the same as, or function like, "readers" provided by services such as Square or similar "Point-of-Sale" services.

See Card Readers for more information under the Running Your Auction Credit Cards section.

Last Updated: 9/2/2020, 4:36:48 PM