# Payment Processor Email Accounts (new)

Although, in general, any "personal" email address (@gmail.com, @live.com, @me.com, @yahoo.com, @aol.com, etc.) could be used to create a credit card processor account, in practice it is strongly recommended to use an email address directly relevant to the organization.

For example, it is best (and relatively inexpensive) for an organization to register its own relevant domain name; and, most domain hosting services (again, often inexpensive for an organization's needs in these cases) also provide basic email services. With a relevant hosted domain name and email services, you can create an appropriate email address for your organization to use for its credit card processing needs.

Using the example.com domain, some email addresses you might consider for this (using your domain name in place of example.com) could be along the following lines:

  • finance@example.com
  • accounting@example.com
  • admin@example.com


All of these addresses are mostly "generic" and can easily be passed on to or accessed as needed by different individuals to maintain a consistent channel of communication as "volunteers" may change over time.

The email address should also be easily identifiable as relevant and related to the organization.

Personal email addresses such as John@example.com or June@example.com (again, using the example.com domain name) would still not be recommended mostly due to the additional complexity in transferring the email to another individual with a different name.

Added: 2022-02-24
Last Updated: 2/24/2022, 5:52:34 PM