# Credit Card Costs

The costs associated with credit card processing consist of Auctria Costs and fees to the payment processor. The breakdown is as follows:

# Auctria Costs

Our fees for integrated credit card processing varies based on the plan in effect when the charge is made:

Plan Fee
Diamond 0.25%
Emerald 0.5%
Explorer 1.0%

If you are still on an older plan the fees would be:

Plan Fee
Platinum 0.2%
Gold 0.3%
Silver, Bronze, Lite 0.5%

Auctria's fee will be automatically deducted when you are using Stripe as the payment processor (see Processing Fees for more details). If you are using Authorize.Net, we will invoice you for the fees after the event.

# Payment Processors

# Stripe Costs

Stripe's default credit card processing fees are $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction. They do not charge any monthly, or minimum, fees though. You just pay for the transactions you process with them.

However, for 501(c)3 organizations, they may offer some additional discounts. See Does Stripe offer a fee discount for non-profit organizations? (opens new window) for some more details.

# Authorize.Net Costs

When used as a gateway, Authorize.Net currently costs $25/month (regardless of usage) + $0.10 per transaction. You would also pay the processing fees for your merchant account.

# Refunds

When you issue a refund of a credit card charge through Auctria, we will refund our portion of the credit card cost.

# Stripe Refunds

If you are using Stripe, then it depends on the age of your account:

  • for Stripe accounts opened prior to September 14th 2017, the Stripe fees will be refunded as well;
  • for Stripe accounts opened after this date, Stripe have changed their policy and do not refund the fees.

For more details on this please contact Stripe at support@stripe.com.

# Authorize.Net Refunds

If you are using Authorize.Net, we do not have any visibility to the refund policy of your merchant account. You will need to contact them directly to see what happens.

Last Updated: 9/2/2020, 2:52:43 PM