Credit Cards


CREDIT CARD CONNECTIONS Although Auctria has integrations with credit card processing companies, we do not manage nor take steps to set up an account for the organization with these companies. The organization would take care of setting up an account through the processor's platform directly. Auctria has no control over these accounts or how the funds will be managed and processed through them.

Processing Credit Cards transactions in Auctria requires connecting to a supported payment processing service. Auctria currently supports integrating with either Stripe.comopen in new window (recommended), or Authorize.Netopen in new window (in general, when you have an existing merchant account).

Opening an account with one of these services is generally a straight-forward online process although it does require verifying your identity so you can process charges for the Organization you represent. Your Organization would need to open an account with one of these payment processors (if you don't already have one) and authorize Auctria to process charges through your account.


These credit card transactions are happening between your Organization and your bidders, Auctria is only facilitating these transactions and has no access to any account settings of your processing service.


An Organization can only connect to a single processor account at a time in Auctria.

For more information on Credit Cards and how to connect to one of the supported credit card processing services, please see our Credit Cards section under Dashboard.

All Credit Card features require a payment processing integration feature set be enabled.

Once a credit card number has been entered, it is impossible to retrieve the original credit card number again. Cards can be registered against a bidder and charged in the future although no one can see the number.

Auctria does not support capturing raw credit card numbers. All integrated card processing is handled securely, in a PCI compliant manner, through the connected payment processor.

Last Revised: July 2022