Sharing Bidder Numbers

It is possible to have multiple bidders share a bidder# if they are bidding together. Typically, a "couple" would share a bidder# since they do not want to bid against each other. Bidders that share a bidder# are said to be linked.

Linking Bidders

Bidders can be linked in the following ways:

  • manually by changing a bidder# to match another bidders;
  • using the Link Bidder button on the Bidder Details page; or,
  • using the Link Bidder button on the Check In Bidders page.


You can also merge bidders from the "Bidder Details" page. Merging bidders is not the same as linking bidders. When you merge two bidders, all activity is moved from one bidder to another, and the second bidder is deleted.

Linking bidders will not delete a bidder.

Also see our FAQ: Link vs Merge Bidder for more information.


When you select a bidder on the Checkout page, all "Linked Bidders" will automatically be pulled into the checkout operation, too.

Bidder Statements

When printing, or sending, Bidder Statements, it will always show all the activity for all Linked Bidders.

Online Bidding

When bidding online, a bidder will also see if a "high bid" is held by themselves, or a bidder they are linked to. Out bid notifications, however, will only go to the bidder that placed the bid.