Bidder Numbers

Auctria requires each bidder has a bidder# associated with them.

Linked Bidders

Multiple bidders can share a bidder#, in this case they are said to be linked. See Sharing Bidder Numbers for more details.

Assigning Bidder#'s

The system will automatically assign bidder#'s when people buy tickets, or register, online. This can cause problems for events that want to hand out bidder#'s at check-in. In this case, the best approach is to set the system to assign a very high bidder# automatically. This setting can be found on the Auction Details page in the SUMMARY tab's "Advanced" panel.


If all the auto-assigned bidder#'s are at, for example, 18000+ then you can easily reassign the numbers at check-in using the Check in Bidders page. You can also tell, at a glance, if bidders have checked-in by their number.

A related approach would be to renumber all bidders using the Renumber Bidders page to have a high bidder# before check-in, and then change the bidder numbers as bidders check-in at the event.

Last Updated: 7/4/2019, 6:34:23 PM