# How To Place Auction Website Bids

# How Do I Make A Bid Online?

There are several ways bids can be made by a bidder for an online auction. They can use the Auction Website, Mobile Bidding, Kiosk Mode Bidding, or (optionally) Text Bidding.

# Auction Website

The Auction Website is a mobile friendly website allowing bidders to place bids from their desktop/laptop computers as well as their mobile devices. The views are very similar and the approach is also similar.

The bidder will open their internet browser and go to the auction website site address for your event.


A tablet view will look very similar.


...and a mobile (cell phone) view may re-arrange the columns of the layout although the essence is still the same.


In each of these Auction Website views you will see a button for bidding. The button might show either the current bid amount or just simply show the "Bid Now!" text. Clicking on this button will start the process to place a bid. This usually opens the item details card for the specific item being bid on.

# Item Details

The Item Details view offers you more information about the item as well as relevant current bid information.


To place a bid you would enter your bid amount into the Amount box and click the the Bid button. If Proxy Bidding is enabled for the event, there will be a relevant checkbox for you do work with before click the Bid button. As you enter your amount the Bid button will reflect that value.


Once you have finished entering the bid amount and clicked the Bid button, a confirmation window will pop up asking if the bid is correct.


Click the OK button to confirm the bid for it to be placed. If you have changed your mind, you can click the "Cancel" button to clear your bid amount -- no bid will be placed.

Tablet and mobile browser views will be similar in style as the general desktop views and will work the same way with entering an amount and tapping the Bid button to start the bidding process for the item.

# Proxy Bidding

If Proxy Bidding has been enabled, your bid may not necessarily be accepted as is after you confirm the bid. Another bidder may have placed a "Proxy Bid" for a higher amount. If your bid did not exceed an existing "Proxy Bid" a message will be displayed on the Item Details page indicating you have been Outbid!. The details of the page will update accordingly.


If you wish to bid a higher amount, you can simply follow the same process of entering your bid amount and clicking on the Bid button.

# Successful Bid

If your bid is the highest bid you will see a momentary Bid Successful message and the Item Details information will update with your winning bid amount (in case you bid a maximum, or proxy bid, greater than the minimum amount to win).


The Item Details page will display you have the "current high bid" and its amount. If you have bid a maximum, or proxy bid, amount you will also see that amount noted as well as what the next bid should be based on the item's bid increments.

In this case, it is an indication of the next bid amount you will be responsible for if another bidder raises the bid by the item's bid increment value. In the screen shot examples, the bid increment is $1.00.

Other bidders can bid higher amounts than the "next bid" value although until one bids more than (again, from these examples) $400.00 you would retain the current high bid.

Once bidding has closed on the item, an Item Won Notification will be sent to the bidder with the current high bid.

# Example Online Bidding Video

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