# My Account

The My Account page provides bidders with an overview of their account. This information includes such things as their Account Summary, Bidder Details, and any relevant transaction tabs.


An example showing all of the possible tabs a bidder might see.

# Account Summary

The Account Summary section shows the account totals and includes a Pay Now button (if credit card integration is enabled).

# Bidder Details

The Bidder Details section shows the current contact information which includes their Credit Card (if registered), and their Meal Choice (if applicable with their assigned ticket) and allows them to Update most of this information at the click of a button using the Update and/or Set Password buttons. Bidders can also force a Sign Out from this page.

# Update

Clicking the Update button will open the Update Details window allowing the bidder to update their address details.


An example bidder "Address" (and optional "Meal Choice") pop-up editing window.

# Set Password

The Set Password button will open the Set Password window allowing the bidder to change their password at their convenience.


# Bidder Credit Card Updates

# Add Credit Card

If the bidder does not have a credit card on file, they can click on the Register Credit Card link and open the Register Credit Card window.


An example showing the window when the event is in Test mode.

# Remove Credit Card

If the bidder chooses, they can click on the Remove Card link to clear their currently registered credit card.


An example based on using a Test mode credit card number.

Clicking on the Remove Card link will also pop-up a confirmation window to verify the bidder wants to remove their registered credit card.


# Transactions

At the bottom part of the page below the Account Summary and Bidder Details sections are tabs for the relevant bidder transactions that have been recorded.

# Active Bids

The Active Bids tab shows the current active winning bids for the bidder including noting if any are related to Proxy Bidding amounts.


# Purchased Tickets

The Purchased Tickets tab will show all of the tickets that have been purchased by the bidder and provides an Update Details button for the bidder to add more details to their guests as needed.


The Purchased Tickets tab will only be displayed if the bidder actually purchased tickets to the event. Please see Update Ticket Details From My Account Page for more information on using the Update Details button.

# Purchases

The Purchases tab shows all of the purchases made by the bidder. This is essentially all of the For Sale Items they have bought.


An example where all of the For Sale Items also happen to be Ticket Items.

# Donations

The Donations tab will show all of the donation amounts from the bidder that were processed through the Donation Element.


# Payments

The Payments tab shows the payments made by the bidder that were recorded in Auctria.


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Reviewed: May 2022
Last Updated: 5/4/2022, 3:11:01 PM