# Signing In

When you launch the mobile app you will be prompted to sign in.


# Methods

There are three ways a bidder can sign in to the App:

  1. using an email address and password they have previously created by registering online;
  2. using a bidder access code they are provided at check-in, or by email; or,
  3. scanning a QR code that has been printed out for them to scan.

If the bidder has a password, but have forgotten it, they can use the Forgot password button to link to the web based password reset mechanism. They will need to be able to receive email on the device to reset the password in this case.

In order to sign in via email there must be a single bidder# associated with the email address in the event. If you have two (or more) bidders with the same email address but different bidder#'s, the system cannot know which bidder is signing in and they will see an error message when they try.

If there are two bidders that share a bidder# and email address, the bidder would be allowed to sign in since all bidding activity is shared between bidders with the same bidder#.

# Sign In Via Password

Passwords are only ever set up by the bidder themselves online. As an event organizer, you cannot assign a bidder a password.


The password is directly associated with the bidder's email address, so if they are registered for multiple events the same password would be used for all of them.

As an event organizer, you can disable the password requirement, see Bidders In Online Auctions 2019 for more details on how this feature works. If the password requirement is disabled, a bidder can just enter their email address to access their bidder profile in this event.

# Sign In Via Access Code

A bidder access code is a unique short alpha-numeric code the system automatically assigns a bidder. Neither you nor the bidder can change the access code although the bidder only needs to enter the code to access the auction, they won't need to enter an email address, in this case.

# Sign In QR Code

You can print off a bidder label/paddle that can also includes a QR code the bidder would be able to scan with their mobile device. Using a QR code also means the bidder won't have to type in anything else to access the auction.

Last Updated: 11/22/2019, 4:11:58 PM