How To Buy Additional Guest Tickets

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.


WARNING Each individual bidder record must have their own unique email address attached to it. Never use your own email address for another guest's ticket.

Buy More Tickets

When you are Buying More Tickets for an event, for example another person that wants to attend with you or a guest without a credit card to use, you will need to know their relevant bidder details when making the purchase. This will be based on the organization's requirements but must include, at a minimum, their (last) name and an email address (not already being used by another guest).

 ∞ Bidder Registration/Checkout - Registration Guest Contact Options

Select Ticket And Proceed To Checkout


An example from an Auctria Demo event.

Add the extra Tickets item you want to purchase and click on the Checkout form's Continue to Contact details button.

 ∞ Checkout form ("The Shopping Cart")

Contact Details


An example of the purchaser's Contact Details from an Auctria Demo event.

The Contact Details section of the form is for the "Tickets" item purchaser. This information would remain the same.


If something does need to be changed it can be done via the My Account page, or the Bidder Profile page, before (or after) the transaction has been completed.

 ∞ My Account ∞ Your Profile


You would normally just click on the Continue to Options (or Continue to Guests if there are no "Options") button on this part of the Checkout form.



An example of the Options section from an Auctria Demo event, one may not exist.

The Options section of the Checkout form may not always be used. As it is, you can select from the "Options" available and click the Continue to Guests section of the form.



Be Prepared To Make Changes!


An example from an Auctria Demo event.

By default, the Guests section of the Checkout form will have the additional ticket assigned to the purchaser and it will use their details.

This MUST be edited to use the additional guest's relevant information.


Click the Edit link before clicking on the Continue to Review button.

Edit Guests


An example from an Auctria Demo event.

Clicking the Edit link will, be default, open the Edit Guest pop-up window for the purchaser.

The option Assign this ticket to yourself must be un-checked to Buy Additional Guest Tickets. The pop-up window will expand to include more fields to enter details for the guest including their name and email address.


An example of the expanded Edit Guest pop-up window from an Auctria Demo event.


IMPORTANT Although the Registration Guest Contact Options may not have this information as Required, at a minimum, the guest's last name and email address should be consider so.

Once you have updated the guest information, click the Save button to return to the Checkout form.


An example from an Auctria Demo event.

You can now click the Continue to Review button.



You can now continue by clicking the Enter Payment Details button and complete the transaction to Buy Additional Guest Tickets.

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