# Anti-Sniping For Bidders (new)

When bidders try to "snipe" an online auction item they will generally try to place a bid exceeding the current highest bid as late as possible before the item end time. This is usually seconds before the end of the auction with the idea of not giving other bidders time to outbid the "sniper".

The Anti-Sniping Rules, when enabled in Auctria, aim to prevent this by giving all bidders additional time to help support the fundraiser with a higher bid.


Please check with your event Organizer for the specifics of the Anti-Sniping window of time.

# Proxy Bidding And Anti-Sniping

By default, the option for Proxy Bidding is enabled for auctions. If a Proxy Bid is made during the Anti-Sniping window it will be honored as the Anti-Sniping rules are purely an extension of time.

If a Proxy Bid exists for an item, it will trigger the Anti-Sniping window of time whenever another bidder places a bid during that window.

Last Updated: 7/23/2020, 3:48:05 PM