# Bidder Experience

Bidders can participate in an online auction/event hosted by Auctria in a number of ways:

These sections describes the bidder experience with auctions/events when using the above approaches.

Auction Website

The event website is a flexible way to promote and run your event from selling tickets online, to acknowledging donors and allowing fully online bidding via a mobile friendly site.

Mobile Bidding

The Auctria mobile app allows for bidding in online events from Android and iOS devices. Bidders can place bids and receive notifications directly on their phone.

Kiosk Mode Bidding

Kiosk mode allows you to set up laptops or tablets at an event for online bidding so that bidders do not have to use their own device. Bidders can bid with just their bidder#

Text Bidding

Text based bidding allows anyone to participate from anywhere just by sending a text message, and receiving out bid notifications by text.
Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM