# How To Add A Pop-Up Video (new)

To Add A Pop-Up Video you will need to add a Video element for displaying the video and a Button element to trigger the pop-up.

# Video: Add A Video Panel

# Add The Video Element

  1. When adding the Video element, it is best to insert it into the Footer area of the website making it is available for all pages. See Video for more details on how to insert the video.

You may need to add a row before being able to add the Video element to the Footer area.

  1. In most cases you will be changing the video to use your choice. See the Video Url for more details on how to change this setting.
  2. A key step in this process is to toggle the Show in popup option to be enabled.

Enabling the Show in popup option will hide the video element although it will show a placeholder in edit mode.

# Add The Button Element

  1. You can add the Button element wherever you see as the best place. For Virtual Live Gala events you might look at adding this Button to the Live Auction Controller page.
  2. Optionally, you can change the aesthetics for the button using its many options. See the Edit Button section for more details on this.
  3. The Key step in this process is to set the Button behavior to Click with a Target Type set to Trigger Event and the Event set to toggle-video using the Add Behavior function.

Do not forget to click on the "click" label to close (and save) these settings.

Last Updated: 7/14/2020, 7:56:58 PM